H2Kid~O™ is a beverage pouch created by first-time mom, Terrica Ford, looking to find an effective & convenient way for her toddler son to increase his daily intake of water. Frustrated that the only options she had was the hassle & wasted time of transferring water from a gallon jug into a sippy cup OR giving her child, who was 1 year old at the time, a water bottle with the fear of the bottle top being a choking hazard. Terrica could not find anything on the market that met her need.  Therefore, she put pen to paper and designed her very own beverage pouch-thus H2Kid~O™  was BORN!

H2Kid~O™ is a brand committed to delivering great-tasting, refreshing & healthy beverages that promotes & jump start healthy habits in kids early on. We strive to build a brand that brings more awareness to the importance of proper hydration & safety for kids; therefore we have designed a Patent Pending Convenient, On-the-Go, Light Weight, Bottle-shaped Beverage Pouch that gives your little one(s) a fun & interactive experience by personalizing & customizing their very own pouch!

H2Kid~O™ - Your Kids Favorite Drink On-the-Go!